EDENS Retail Challenge

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Welcome to the Retail Challenge

The EDENS Retail Challenge is an annual competition for student entrepreneurs who are passionate about changing the face of retail. Graduate and undergraduate students from across the country compete in a multi-step process that culminates in one final pitch to a panel of industry leaders.
At EDENS, we’re committed to bold, innovative ideas that shake up the industry, and the Challenge has proven to be a fun and rewarding way to do just that. Each year, the competition has grown more intense, the ideas more innovative.

The 2015 Winner

Jules and Jim
Wharton School

A craft cocktail and bottle shoppe seeking to change the way people experience cocktails at home through retail stores that provide custom cocktail curation and education as well as a subscription service.

2015 Recap


We’re proud to announce that the emphasis is on the story at PLAGUEspace, as they open their retail experience May 23. The concept focuses on the designers’ involvement – a space organized like a gallery and operated like a shop.
The customer gets to realize the story behind the product and the process of its creation, and is able to connect to it that much more. PLAGUEspace opens at their collaborative space, Coffee Bruins, at 1250 Broadway in New York on Saturday, May 23, 2015 from 6 p.m. To 10 p.m.